Jonathan Edwards Winery Outdoor Tented Wedding | Elizabeth & John

When Elizabeth contacted me I knew, almost immediately that we were going to work well together! Elizabeth has such a kind heart and she is extremely organized. I loved getting to know her sense of simplicity that artfully creates elegance and class. Therefore, watching their wedding day unveil into a wedding of dreams made my […]


Do You Need To Rent A Dance Floor For An Outdoor Wedding? – A Guide To Planning A Outdoor New England Tented Wedding.

Do you need to rent a dance floor for your outdoor/tented wedding? If you are having an outdoor wedding then YES! When choosing to have your wedding outdoors you are embracing nature and her unpredictable ways. It is a beautiful thing but you must keep in mind that rain is always possible, high moisture or […]


Latitude 41 Mystic, CT | Laura & Pete

I have been holding off on blogging about this wedding because every time I think about this day my heart melts, my eyes fill with tears and I am beyond moved. I know those feelings are beautiful but, they make it hard to concentrate and write a blog! So here it goes… Pete & Laura’s […]


What Are The Best Months To Have An Outdoor Tented Wedding In Rhode Island, New York, Connecticut or Massachusetts? – A Guide To Planning A Outdoor New England Tented Wedding.

Ashley O’Dell Photography Just starting to plan your outdoor wedding and not sure where to start? I am sure you are asking yourself “where do I begin when planning my wedding” or “what is the first thing I should do when planning my wedding?”. This specific blog goes over having an outdoor wedding and what […]


What Are 5 Things Couples Think They Can Do Without On their Wedding day But, shouldn’t? – A Guide To Planning A Outdoor New England Tented Wedding.

We are talking about 5 of the top things couples think they can do without on their wedding day. We give you tips and reasons as to why that is not a good idea. Hopefully this helps with your planning process!


How Do You Know Which Wedding Vendors To Choose When There Are So Many Options? – A Guide to Planning an Outdoor New England Tented Wedding.

Constance Schiano Photography How Do You Know Which Wedding Vendors To Choose When There Are So Many Options? I saw this question come through one of the Facebook Wedding Communities I am a part of. I thought, what a great question! There are so many wonderful vendors out there, how do you know which one […]


5 Basic Tips To Help You Create A Design For Your Wedding Day – A Guide To Planning An Outdoor New England Tented Wedding.

So, you are planning your wedding and you have no idea where to begin with the design, right? You are not alone. Most of my clients come to me looking for assistance with design. Our worlds are very saturated with inspiration and beauty. It is a wonderful thing but can be very overwhelming because there […]


What is the first step to planning a tented wedding in Connecticut, Massachusetts, Rhode Island or New York? – A Guide to Planning an Outdoor New England Tented Wedding

Maybe you just started planning your wedding, or you’ve already seen a million traditional venues. Maybe you have known your entire life that you wanted a tented wedding or maybe you just want something totally unique. Whatever your story is, if you are thinking about planning a tented wedding and you want to know where […]


Preparing your Wedding Day decor and its got you feeling all sorts of stressed out?

Hey love,  I want you to know you are not alone. If you are planning your own wedding, that is a big task. You are keeping track of all the vendors, contracts, payments, timelines, and who goes where. No one can expect you to have your wedding day decor completely organized. You have a lot […]


12 things you need to plan Elopement Styled Shoots & Weddings

I don’t really watch TV but when I do, I watch HGTV. My favorite show is Fixer Upper with Chip and Joanna Gaines. They are talented individuals that go for what they want in life and they have a sweet family that they love. They inspire me to go for what I want. If you […]


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