Do You Need To Rent A Dance Floor For An Outdoor Wedding? – A Guide To Planning A Outdoor New England Tented Wedding.

Do you need to rent a dance floor for your outdoor/tented wedding? If you are having an outdoor wedding then YES!

When choosing to have your wedding outdoors you are embracing nature and her unpredictable ways. It is a beautiful thing but you must keep in mind that rain is always possible, high moisture or like we get in Connecticut, very humid days!

All of which can lead to muddy grounds. The last thing you want is for your guest to be dancing around on a muddy ground. They will ruin their shoes or outfits and that wouldn’t be fun!

If you are lucky enough you can find an outdoor tented wedding venue in New England like Hashbrouck House, Lion Rock Farm, Latitude 41 or Interlaken that have a stone patio set up in their tents.

You will want to check out the grounds and make sure they are not too hazardous to your guests. You can always speak with the venue coordinator to see what they have experienced in the past with guests dancing on stone.

Some unique ideas for stone patio coverage could be; covering the stone with a bunch of oriental rugs or having a dance floor built on top!

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Other outdoor tented weddings sit over a grassy area like the Hillstead Museum, Chatfield Hollow Inn, Great Hollow or Weekapaug Inn. At any of these locations you would definitely want a dance floor installed under the tent. You want to keep your guest clean and dry! No one wants to go home with grass stains or damp clothing from the late night dew.

There are so many different options of floor to choose from! You can choose from options like wood or acrylic. Or you can have a false floor and put carpeting over like Priam Vineyards does under their tent!

If you are looking for a more earthy feel you can get turf like Johnathan Edwards Winery!

Last thing I want to cover is, my favorite, a backyard tented wedding! You most definitely want a dance floor for your backyard wedding. If your wedding budget is a concern, you can get really creative. For instance, you can do what this couple did, they made theirs! They got some pressed wood from Home Depot and painted over the top! Pretty basic but it was clean, sleek, the color they wanted and it held up beautifully.

Whatever you decide on will be wonderful just make sure you are thinking about the experience of yourself and your guests. Happy planning loves!


Much love, Pearl Weddings & Events