What Are The Best Months To Have An Outdoor Tented Wedding In Rhode Island, New York, Connecticut or Massachusetts? – A Guide To Planning A Outdoor New England Tented Wedding.

Ashley O’Dell Photography

Ashley O’Dell Photography

Just starting to plan your outdoor wedding and not sure where to start? I am sure you are asking yourself “where do I begin when planning my wedding” or “what is the first thing I should do when planning my wedding?”.

This specific blog goes over having an outdoor wedding and what months are best when you are having your wedding on the East Coast! On the East Coast there are only a few months out of the year when you can have a tented wedding outside. Today we are going to talk about those months.

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I want to start with a quick preface: nature is completely unpredictable and that is what makes nature so beautiful. Rain is not bad on your wedding day. It can create some more challenges we need to strategize through but ultimately the way your wedding day feels is entirely up to you!

So this blog post is not about the rain, it is about the logistical elements to the seasons and how you can work best with them. 🙂

End of May

Some years our winters can go through to late March which really delays the regrowth in nature. If you are planning a wedding in May your best bet will be to do it later for a few reasons; it will be warmer, the grounds with be dryer and the trees will begin to bloom!


Everything is in new bloom. The ground is no longer frozen at this point and the weather is not too hot for guests. You will begin to notice mosquitoes but it is nothing a good spray, or some strong fans cannot fix. The nights can still be cold so think about warm drinks and blankets as a nice add for your guests.


The sun is out and everything is lush. The days are longer and the nights are warmer. Early July is a great time of year and late July it might start getting humid in those New England states but who is afraid of a little humidity?


Beginning of August is wonderful! Mid August you can expect humidity. By late August it might start to cool down a bit.


September is very unpredictable! It can be extremely hot and humid or chilly. Normally the warmth would be possible at the beginning of September and the colder nights close to the end of September.


October is when the fall foliage in New England is in its prime! You can capture all of the best colors as long as it is not rainy and cold.

Early November

You might be able to get a warm night up until the first week of November. Any later than that in New England you are chancing a freezing night and potentially some snow!

These are the months that are best to have an outdoor wedding in New England (Connecticut, New York, Boston or Rhode Island). You can also think about winter weddings where you can save a lot on your vendor pricing and it is a beautiful, peaceful time of year where people just want to get out and do something! New Years Eve Weddings are the best! Check out my blog on Allison & Brian’s NYE Wedding!

I hope this helped you start planning you wedding! Check out my other blogs where I share wedding planning tips and tricks. Also, sign up for my blog and you will receive a free wedding planning checklist.


Chelsea Suddes Owner, Planner and Designer at Pearl Weddings & Events