What Are 5 Things Couples Think They Can Do Without On their Wedding day But, shouldn’t? – A Guide To Planning A Outdoor New England Tented Wedding.

What are the Top 5 things couples think they can do without on their wedding day but, really shouldn’t? We provide some quick tips to help you through the planning process!

Rain Plan

I would love to say there is no need for a rain plan BUT, rain plans are necessary. In July of 2018 it rained every single weekend. No one expected it and the Farmers Almanac did not lend that information either! Having a rain plan helps the vendors on the day of your wedding. It provides everyone a set plan that the couple agreed upon. Having this plan in place means you will love your ceremony/cocktail hour/reception no matter the circumstances! If you work with a wedding planner they will help you come up with an impeccable plan b.


If you would like to reserve the first few rows of your wedding ceremony for close friends or family, you will need ushers. You can choose a family member of friend from each side. Make sure you pick someone who will know who they are looking for. A lot of times grandparents can be so humble that they say, “No, no I don’t need to take the seats up front.” You want them to know that those seats are for them. 🙂


Having transportation figured out prior to the day of the wedding is absolutely necessary. After you get dressed and ready you want to know how you are getting to your ceremony.

If you have to start coordinating cars, who is driving, who is leaving their car, and then how is the person who left their car getting back to their car later, (you can probably already tell how messy this can get) right before you head out for your wedding ceremony… Lets just say I can guarantee you will be at least 30 minutes behind schedule. Have a plan prior to the day and reserve a limo/shuttle months in advance!

Seating Chart

I love an outdoor relaxed wedding vibe. Trust me, I understand. I got married in the middle of the words at a state park. BUT not having a seating chart does not actually give a relaxed vibe! It makes it more stressful and confusing for your guests. They have to start strategizing who can fit where, who should sit with who and who is going to be left out. Chairs start to get pulled from different tables, leaving your once 10 top now and odd 9 top.

Guests are not prepared to start figuring out math problems on the day of your wedding. So don’t make them. Make it super simple and easy and just tell them, at least, what table to go sit at so they know there will be enough seats for them. Keep it simple for your guests!

Wedding Planner

You had to expect I would talk about this one… I know Pinterest is amazing and blogs help a lot with planning. Please remember this is the first time you are planning a wedding. You are spending a lot of money trying to plan a very big event that highlights you! Wedding planners have planned a lot of weddings, not just one. They know what works and what doesn’t. They will remember and think of things you have forgotten. They are worth every penny in the end because you end up enjoying your day and allowing yourself to be present.

Enjoy the process love!


Chelsea Suddes at Pearl Weddings & Events