Preparing your Wedding Day decor and its got you feeling all sorts of stressed out?

All the signs and details got your stressing? Call Pearl Weddings & Events to help you organize your decor for your wedding day!

Hey love, 

I want you to know you are not alone. If you are planning your own wedding, that is a big task. You are keeping track of all the vendors, contracts, payments, timelines, and who goes where. No one can expect you to have your wedding day decor completely organized. You have a lot on your plate!

If you started planning and you need some help, check out my partial planning packages!

Believe me when I say “I got you”. 

Organization makes me feel good. It makes me feel even better when I have the chance to come in and organize a mess. It clears my mind and it gives space. At least that is what I believe, I am not saying you must believe that as well. You are always in a judgement free zone when you are working with me! 🙂

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I offer decor organization for those couples that are planning their own day, they have a venue that has their back but, they have no clue how the venue is going to know what goes where and how it should look.

This is when you call me. 

Organization makes me feel good, remember? I will come to the space where you are hoarding all your wedding day decor. I will ask you all kinds of questions like; what is this for? Where do you want this to go? How did you want this displayed? Do you have something to hand this on? I will offer basic design recommendations and I will also give professional advice. I take photos of mock up table settings and card tables.

Then get this…

I create a decor guide for your venue to follow! It is full of photos, bullet points and nicely organized directions. One of my couples called it their “bible”, I call it a wedding decor guide. You can call it whatever you want!

All I know is that your venue will love you. Your day will look how you imagined. If anyone has questions, I am just a phone call away and I can try and answer any decor question the venue might have.

Doesn’t that sound nice?

I thought so. So, I added it to my services! You can find it under A La Carte. Contact me and we can get this set up the week of your wedding.

A stress-free wedding is a happy wedding. 

Wedding day signage need the perfect spot? I got you.
Do you need you decor to be placed in the right spot but you don't know how your venue will know? Look no further. We got you.
Preparing your decor for the venue and its got you feeling all stressed out?
Preparing your decor for the venue and its got you feeling all stressed out? No worries. I got you.