Dreamy CT Wedding for Book Lovers

Sam and Sam’s special day was filled with their love for books, the color blue, and each other.

An Intimate CT Wedding Venue

Sam and Sam married at The Lace Factory on a lovely day in June. The historical venue in Connecticut lent its magic and whimsy to the occasion. Together with a dream team of vendors, the couple had a charming and dreamy CT wedding experience that they and their guests will cherish forever. 

Photography: Carla Ten Eyck

Guests arrived at the wedding venue on the Essex Steam Train. Friends and family enjoyed stunning views along the Connecticut River shoreline as they lounged in the comfortable and luxurious refurbished coaches of the historical train. 

Photography: Carla Ten Eyck

Timeless Elegance

The Lace Factory is located in Deep River, Connecticut. The now-venue was built in an era when the riverside was filled with shipbuilding yards. Built in 1875 as a shipyard, it was used as a stop for boats delivering ivory to local piano factories. ​Now as a picturesque CT wedding venue, the historical venue and its wooden floors and white brick walls added a sense of timeless elegance to the occasion.

Photography: Carla Ten Eyck

Its rustic charm highlighted the intimacy and authenticity of the ceremony, creating a meaningful and memorable experience for all in attendance. The venue’s high vaulted ceilings donned elegantly draped fabric and twinkle lights that made guests feel like they were dancing under the stars. The large open windows created a light and airy atmosphere.

Shades of Blue 

The couple’s favorite color is the color blue. Pearl Weddings was sure to incorporate gorgeous shades of blue into almost every aspect of their wedding décor, from the table runners to the bridesmaids’ dresses. Even Samuel wore a suit in a gorgeous shade of blue. 

Photography: Carla Ten Eyck

A gorgeous blue gauze runner decorated the tables on top of a simple white linen. Gold accents in the form of dinner plates and candle holders contributed to the dreamy antique aura of the venue. Gorgeous tapers of various shades of blue and white decorated the reception tables, standing in antique-gold candle holders. Candlelight cast a warm and romantic glow throughout the venue. 

Photography: Carla Ten Eyck

The dreamy and romantic floral arrangements by Petals & Plates featured blooms like tea roses, Persian buttercups, and blue lilacs surrounded by pieces of greenery that added a rustic touch. 

Photography: Carla Ten Eyck

A Love Story 

Custom made seating chart made with books for Connecticut Wedding

Photography: Carla Ten Eyck

The decor was a symbol of the couple’s love for literature. To pay homage to this love, a custom-made wedding arch and seating chart were made in collaboration with EMU Studio and Rent Pearl, both filled with books the couple loves from their home together.

Custom built arch for Sam+Sam's New England wedding with books and flowers.

Photography: Carla Ten Eyck

The bride and groom brought in books as decor for their Connecticut wedding.

Photography: Carla Ten Eyck

A fun activity for guests was a “Sip and Solve” crossword puzzle, filled with details about the couple like countries where they have traveled, their dog’s favorite treat, and where their first date was. 

Crossword puzzle for couple's love of books for their Connecticut wedding.

Photography: Carla Ten Eyck

Sam + Sam’s wedding contained aspects of their lives closest to their hearts. Their wedding encaptured their essence as a couple as book lovers, lovers of the color blue, and lovers of each other. The affair was a whimsical and dreamy event that no one will forget!

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Vendor Credits:  Pearl Weddings and Events, Photographer – Carla Ten Eyck, Venue – The Lacy Factory, Hair – Tress Bridal, Make Up – LA Page, Florist – Petals & Plates, Signage – Roseville Designs, Custom Builds – Rent Pearl