Yay! You’re Engaged! Now What?

Getting Inspired in the Early Stages of Wedding Planning

You’re freshly engaged and so excited to spend the rest of your life with your partner! Now for the hard, but exciting, part: the planning. In the early stages of wedding planning, it can be hard to narrow down what exactly what you want your wedding day to look like, especially with so many ideas coming from social media. Here are some of Pearl Weddings and Events Tips on how to get inspired in the early stages of planning your wedding!


Visit Venues

You’re going to visit several amazing and gorgeous wedding venues. But how do you know which one is your venue? Chelsea, owner of Pearl Weddings and Events, advises that on these venue visits, you envision your wedding day in the space. Which venue best embodies how you want your big day to feel like? Do you want a whimsical and charming wedding? Try Cedar Lakes Estate! Envision a modern and classy vibe? Perhaps a mansion wedding at Eolia Mansion

When planning your wedding, consider the feeling. This is an outdoor ceremony for a rustic and charming wedding vibe

Photo by Mary Dougherty

Pinterest is Your Best Friend! 

Pinterest is a great place to gain inspiration early in the planning phase. You can save what you like for easy reference when making decisions and booking vendors. Create boards for all the different aspects of your wedding day as a way to keep organized. Have one for seating charts that you like, floral arrangements, table settings, and more! Instagram has similar features that will be a big help when planning your wedding. 

Again, keep in mind the feeling that you want to convey on your wedding day. We also recommend that you follow wedding planners, designers, and vendors whose style you admire. Know that what you envision on your wedding day will change, but using these apps will help guide you.

Consider the Season 

Sometimes it’s hard when planning your wedding a year or more in advance to think about what the day or your wedding will be like, but it’s important to consider the season you’re getting married in. The time of year might influence your color palette, type of flowers, dress style, etc. Think about what aspects of nature that can work in your favor  — you never want to compete with your surroundings!

When getting inspiration for your wedding day, think about what natural flora is in the area

Photo by Mary Dougherty

Places that Inspire You

Are you in that planning funk and are feeling helpless? You might need a bit of a break. Go to places that inspire you — reinvigorate your passion! Going to places that you connect with like a favorite spot under a tree, that place where you and your partner got engaged, even just your childhood home are great places to clear your head! Going to your favorite spots tend to ground you and help you get back on track on knowing what is truly important to you for your big day. 

When things get crazy, and they will, always strive to come back to who you are and who are you are as a couple. Think about what you like individually and together. Draw inspiration from your relationship story: favorite dates, your engagement, etc.

Planning weddings isn’t easy. But there are few things in life more rewarding than seeing all your hard work come together on your wedding day!


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