Connecticut Wedding at Eolia Mansion

Sarah and Andrew’s Unforgettable New England Wedding

Bride and groom in front of Eolia Mansion

Connecticut Wedding at Eolia Mansion

Sarah and Andrew’s New England wedding was held at the whimsical and elegant Eolia Mansion in Waterford, Connecticut. Located at Harkness State Park, the 1906 mansion was named after the Greek ruler of the winds, Aiolos, and his floating island, Aiolia. The original owners, Mary and Edward Harkness, would often invite close friends and family to stay with them and enjoy the sprawling lawns and vibrant garden. Over one hundred years later, the mansion would serve as the perfect venue for Sarah and Andrew to celebrate their new lives together. While in the mansion, it is easy for one to feel like they are in an episode of Downton Abbey as they are surrounded with elegance and grandeur from every corner of the Roman Renaissance Revival-style mansion.

Wedding cake in reception all of Eolia Mansion for New England wedding

Coffee Inspired Wedding Planning

An important aspect of the bride and groom’s relationship is their love of coffee. Their first date was at a coffee shop and sipping on a warm cup of joe was the first activity they share the morning after they became newly engaged.

So, as you can imagine coffee became the highlight detail and design inspiration! The design being coffee inspired using warm undertones through the color pallet, to the latte table linens! The warm browns was perfectly complemented by the natural green walls of the reception area as well as the natural garden elements.

A seating chart inspired by bride and groom's love of coffee

I Love You a Latte

At their reception, the couple wanted to share their love for coffee with their guests. In lieu of a traditional favor, the couple had small bags of coffee grounds for each guest. These coffee lovers, they gave guests the option of His or Her custom coffee. Andrew’s favorite Almond Joy Latte was a mocha, almond, and coconut drink. Sarah’s, was a combination of honey and lavender syrup. Now, they get to drink coffee together for the rest of their lives. See more photos of this beautiful wedding here!

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