20 Expert Tips to Create an Intimate Backyard Wedding

Today, instead of featuring one of our gorgeous couples weddings, Pearl Weddings and Events had the chance to be in the spotlight! Last month, a wonderful wedding planner from our neighbours in the North (hi, Canada!), reached out to wedding planners all across North America and Pearl Weddings and Events was fortunate enough to be included! If you are currently planning a backyard wedding in Connecticut, our team would love to chat with you about your wedding day vision and save your date in our calendar. You can connect with us here.

For real backyard wedding inspiration in Connecticut and the Tri-state area, you can also check out this gorgeous backyard tented wedding with Sommar & Ben in Chester, CT or Kristin & John’s casual backyard wedding here. If you have considered an intimate backyard wedding or home wedding, you are definitely going to want to check out this post and all of the tips shared from other incredible wedding planners and designers. Here’s a sneak peak:

Weddings are a special moment in a couple’s life, and choosing to host the event at home can make it all the more memorable. However, planning for the big day can take a lot of time and preparation. From updating your house with a fresh coat of paint to installing landscape lighting, there are many details that you may not think about when planning an intimate backyard wedding.

If you’re planning your wedding ceremony and don’t know where to start, look no further. Redfin reached out to 20 wedding planners and photographers across North America, from New York, NY to Vancouver, BC (including myself), to help you plan the wedding of your dreams. Check out 20 Expert Tips to Create an Intimate Backyard Wedding.


Outdoor Tented Backyard Weddings

Curious what our backyard wedding advice was? If you have followed us for a while, you know how much we love outdoor tented weddings so this won’t surprise you!

13. Consider a tent to transform your space. A tent will add an additional structure that can pair next to your house. It will change the layout of your yard – how you have seen it and used it in the past. Look into a clear top tent or a sailcloth tent to add to the beauty that surrounds it.


Backyard Wedding Advice

We have planned a few backyard weddings and home wedding in our time as Connecticut wedding planners and let us tell you: they are a lot of work. Worth it, of course, but when you choose to have a backyard wedding, you are basically building a wedding venue from the ground up. Although we believe they are worth every minute, if you are planning to have a backyard wedding to “save money” or have “less stress”, we would encourage you to reconsider!!

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