5 Things You Must Do BEFORE You Start Planning Your Wedding & We Are On YouTube!!


Before I dive in I think I should start with this YouTube explanation, sound good??

My brother is a video producer in LA and I was talking to him about how I wanted to start a YouTube channel to share tips, talk about design and share my review on some wonderful table top design products. With his encouragement, assistance from my sweet husband and the support from my mentor group I have released my first YouTube video!

Before I share a quick overview of the video I wanted to share why I decided to launch this YouTube channel.

I have to be honest, I barely read blogs…

I have only read them when I needed specific information and then I barely go back to them. I get what I need and move on. Blogs are wonderful and there are some really talented bloggers out there but, it has never resonated for me.

Videos, well that is a little different. I am a very action oriented person, I am a visual learner and I do my best learning while doing. There is more freedom in videos. You have to opportunity to connect, intimately. In my videos I also share extra tips that I would never mention in my very structured, very prepared blog posts.

So there ya have it! I started a YouTube because it resonated with how I do things and I wanted to provide it for you!

Once a month I will release a YouTube video with tips, design ideas, FREEBIES and more! Make sure you subscribe to my YouTube channel and turn on the notification button. THANKS!!!

5 Things You Must Do BEFORE You Start Planning Your Wedding.

  1. Set Your Priorities – Set your wedding priorities and share them with your partner. You want to understand the most important thing for each of you on the wedding day.

  2. Create Your Guest List – Creating your guest list will help you when you are trying to set a budget and select a venue! Check out minted.com for their guest list spreadsheet as a guide.

  3. Create a Budget – Set a budget that you would like to spend, then set a budget you do not want to go over. This will help you stick to what you want. It will also make it easy to adjust and decide during the planning process.

  4. Select Your Desired Location & Season – Where and when do you want to get married?! Think about your family and what makes sense for them and you.

  5. Pick Your Venue – This is the final step that you can only complete if you’ve done the other four! The other four steps are what allow you to then search for your venue. You should start this 12 – 14 months prior to your wedding.

If you are looking for a deep dive into each section and some extra practices to help with this planning make sure you check out our YouTube video above!

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