INSTAGRAM VS. REALITY when it comes to Wedding Design



When looking at beautiful photos on Instagram you truly have no idea what goes into every detail, how much it cost, who picked what, where things came from, etc.

It is a total guessing game.

Today, I am going to share some behind the scenes insight into this table scape design and the details…

We [I always say “we” when it comes to design because I design with my couple] came up with an incredible design for Courtney & John’s wedding day. It was natural and organic with neutral color palettes. It wasn’t over simplified or overstated. It fell right in the middle to give a soft but a lush experience.

A wedding design is not just pretty pictures sourced from Pinterest placed in a document. The design is in direct correlation with the budget, floor plan, vendor choices, timeline and overall wedding experience.

Would you have guessed that?!

When I put together the budget to align with Courtney & John’s wedding design, I made sure to prioritize the budget with the wedding florals in mind. Specifically, the floral installation by Jakkelyn Iris that hung over the Head Table at The Lace Factory.

Side note – this wedding had the best vendors. Make sure you check them out!

What I am getting to is – the flowers were a higher priority than the napkins on the tables.

Just because there wasn’t extra financing for pretty napkins doesn’t mean you have a bad table design OR that I just pass over this detail. I figure something out and make sure the design aligns.

For Courtney’s table scape we worked with the basic cotton napkins that are built into most caterers pricing. Although they can be stiff and very limited with the amount of color choices we made it work! We went with a silver napkin. I picked them up from the caterer the day before the wedding. I purchased a neutral yarn to cut the sharpness, stiff form and altering color tones to each napkin [a lot of times the basic cotton napkins can be different shapes or slightly different color tones due to the amount of times they have been used and washed!]. I tied every single napkin with a neutral yarn to give a shape that gave the table more movement. The yarn was $1 and nothing extra was spent on the napkins.

I loved this table scape and, the napkins ended up bringing the entire design together beautifully.

So the story here is, don’t be deceived by Instagram. Working with Pearl Weddings & Events we help prioritize your budget and make your wedding day design absolutely beautiful – no matter what napkins you’re using.


Click HERE to see more of Courtney & John’s Wedding at The Lace Factory.

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