Coronavirus May Impact My Wedding How Do I Prepare? – Advice From A Wedding Planner

Coronavirus May Impact My Wedding How Do I Prepare? -Advice From A Wedding Planner

Coronavirus is impacting the wedding season and we know couples everywhere are looking for ways to prepare! We are here to help!

We are in some very unprecedented times with the COVID-19 pandemic and it is not easy. If you are planning a wedding, and you feel you need to make a decision on rescheduling, you may feel overwhelmed, heartbroken and concerned.

It is OK to feel overwhelmed, heartbroken and concerned. No one is judging you for the way you are feeling. You need to allow yourself to experience this your own way.

Coronavirus May Impact My Wedding How Do I Prepare? -Advice From A Wedding Planner

Below I am outlining 8 actionable steps to calm your mind and help guide you into preparing for rescheduling your wedding due to the Coronavirus. Please follow the steps completely. You may be looking for a fast answer but during this time moving extremely fast is not the answer.

You need to take your time with everything.

  1. Take a deep breath and follow each step carefully.

    Refer back to this blog as many times as you need to and walk through each step. I am here to slow you down and help ease your mind.

  2. Take the next two days off from thinking about your wedding.

    Yes, that is right. Take some time away. You need to ease your mind. You do not need to know everything right this second.

  3. After you take two days off from wedding planning I want you to pick a day for you and your partner to sit down for 1 hour to come up with a decision.

  4. During your 1 hour meeting I want you to go through the questions below. I want you to ask these questions to each other and wait for each other to answer:

    • When we got engaged what were you most excited about?

    • When we went to go look at our venue what sold you on the space?

    • When you envision our wedding day what is the one thing that is the most important to you?

    • Why do you want to marry me?

  5. After you have had this discussion then make an outreach to your venue and caterer to confirm what dates they have available for a reschedule.

    Be open to their options and allow yourself to resonate with whichever feels best.

    • Thursday/Friday/Sunday’s could work! Your guests are going to be thrilled to get out of their house after all this is over. Your wedding is the most magical thing people can come back to.

    • Maybe next year would be best for you, your family and friends? If you have to plan for next year you can always look into Eloping! We offer an Elopement Package too!

    • A winter wedding could be ideal if you have an indoor venue! If you have a pretty neutral design it can easily transition into different seasons.

  6. After you get information from your venue then reach out to your remaining vendors to confirm if they are available :

    • If they are available get a new contract and thank them for switching!

    • If they are not available reread your contract to see what can be done. You might lose out on your deposit but, work with them and see what is the best option they have available.

  7. The next most important piece is going to be communicating to your guests!

    Two of my favorite stationery design ladies have created layouts as free downloads for you to send off to you guests and I have included Minted’s wedding blog about responding to guests:

  8. After you have completed steps 1 – 7 please take a day to yourself and relax.

    You have accomplished A LOT of work! Rescheduling a wedding is not easy measuring it emotionally and planning wise. Take a break and breath.

    Also, please check out Melanie Ruth Photography Instagram post to read the sweetest message to help you through these times. She is responsible for all the gorgeous photos on this blog!

Coronavirus May Impact My Wedding How Do I Prepare? - Advice From A Wedding Planner - Pearl Weddings & Events

If all of this seems way to overwhelming please REACH OUT!

I am offer FREE 30 minute consultations to COVID-19 impacted couples. I will answer any of your questions and provide the best guidance for your particular scenario. I am also offering 20% off 90 minute Consultation Calls (normally $200) for COVID-19 impacted couples. Make sure you ask us about Final Details & Day of Management packages as well. We can help you tremendously! We’ve already rescheduled countless weddings and we have relieved stress from so many couples. We are here to do the same for you if you need it.

We are all in this together.