What Are 5 Unique Wedding Favors?

Are you trying to be creative with your wedding favors? Do you want some thing different to give that your guests will remember? Here are a few ideas to check out!

1. Creating a signature recipe that correlates with your wedding day and who are are as a couple! Provide a taste of that special something and give your guests the recipe on a small card to take home. They will love the idea and have fun reminiscing about your wedding night when trying that recipe in the future.

Bee The Love – curates specialty recipes!

2. Seeded “Thank you” cards placed at each seat for your guests to take home and plant to remember your wedding day as a complete experience. Every year when those flowers bloom there will be a special memory behind them.

Whole Weddings – designs and prints your thank you notes on seeded paper!

3. Small jar of fresh tea placed in specially created baggies or tins for guests to enjoy in the comfort of their own home! The fresh smell of a unique tea blend would be so fun for you and your guests. Make sure to save extra for yourself, you will want some!

Ritual Earth Tea – creates special blends of tea just for you!

4. Food to go! Giving your guests the gift of a late night snack is one of the best and most welcomed favor of all time. Whether you are providing a grilled cheese, cookie, donuts, popcorn, trail mix or chips before your guest head out they will be very happy to take one before they go.

Most caterers can help you create something fun like this so check out LaCuisine, On The Marc Events, A Thyme To Cook or Forks and Fingers for ideas!

5. Charitable Donation to a local cause! This idea will never go out of style, for me. I love when people put their favors towards a donation. I think most guests honor this one immensely considering it is a good cause that is close to your heart. Also, it means they do not have to leave with more than what they came with.

Tisbest can help you with your donation to a good cause!

I hope these five suggestions were helpful and got your wheels spinning! If you are looking for traditional bridal party favors make sure you read my blog about Personalized Gifts. Also, check out 2019 wedding trends for some unique wedding ideas as well!


Chelsea Suddes - owner of Pearl Weddings & Events