The Bride Walks Down The Aisle And Has Us (And The Groom) In Tears! – Kristin & John’s Backyard Wedding

Kristin and John got married September 8, 2018. It was the most beautiful, laid back, back yard wedding I had ever been a part of.

We planned out all sort of fun details for their wedding day; the outdoor tent and farm tables, wine barrel cocktail tables, blue mason jars with brightly colored flowers and sunflowers from Harwinton Florist, red handkerchiefs for napkins, glow balls for the pool (thanks to the brides mom for this idea!) and we incorporated New Mexico’s famous ristras (the groom is from New Mexico). The day had a rustic, playful feel that everyone enjoyed.

There were so many fun details! However, my all time favorite detail was the ceremony arch the groom handmade and engraved. He put so much love into it. It was the perfect add to their wedding ceremony!

Ok, I am not done. It gets better!

Kristin and John decide to not have a photographer for the day. So, all the photos we have are cellphone photos I took or guests took. There was one moment that was captured so perfectly, even without a photographer…

When Kristin began her walk down the aisle she seemed excited and incredibly confident. She was radiating beauty and everyone could feel it (I am getting goosebumps writing this right now).

The aisle was relatively long but as she approached her friends and family they all began to applaud and cheer her on! It was incredible. The support she had from her loved ones while she walked that aisle was so special. When she arrived, to her soon to be husband, he was in complete awe of her beauty, confidence and radiance, just as we all were!

This is the best photo of the most memorial moment of their entire wedding day. And just as a reminder to all of you – No matter what details you chose for your wedding day, if you are there for LOVE that will be the only noticeable detail. 🙂

Kristin & John's September wedding when the bride walks down the aisle and the grooms reaction is beautiful. - Pearl Weddings & Events

Happy Anniversary Kristin & John! You two are amazing and I love reminiscing about your day.


Chelsea Suddes - owner of Pearl Weddings & Events


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