Pearl Weddings & Events thoughts on the 2019 Wedding Trends

Looking into 2019 we can anticipate some new trends taking place in the wedding industry.

First let’s talk about Megan Markel’s GIVENCHY wedding gown and her Stella McCartney evening gown. Both styles were sleek, simple yet elegant. They have begun a trend and have truly inspired bride’s wedding dress choices around the world.

Megan Markel on her wedding day - Pearl Weddings & Events 2019 trends

Not only were Megan Markel’s wedding dresses influential and also sustainable – the couple was persistent on making eco-friendly wedding planning decisions. Their eco-conscious decisions did not go unnoticed by couples and may have begun a powerful shift in the wedding industries sustainable decisions and options!

Wedding flowers will continue to be full of lush greenery as this trend will overlap from last year and keep running into 2019, full speed ahead. And really, why would anyone want this trend to end? Greenery is beautiful and if couples want to bring the outdoors in, they should!

Lastly, the newest wedding day trend is focused on the guest experience. More and more couples are incorporating welcome food and drink stations for when their guests arrive to the ceremony. Couples want their guests to be comfortable and happy right from the start to ensure that their celebration will last all night long.

Cheers to 2019 as we close out the 2018 trends and welcome this new direction that the wedding world is headed. We are looking forward to watching it all unfold.

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Chelsea Suddes - owner of Pearl Weddings & Events