Does a Butterfly Landing on your Wedding Bouquet Mean Something More?

I haven’t shared this story because I thought it might be a little out there for some folks but, then I decided that I don’t really care. This story is near and dear to my heart & I feel like sharing it…

Casey was planning her wedding for September 14th. She contacted me to help plan her wedding. Unfortunately, I was booked for September 14th but, we really hit it off and I felt like I understood her vision. I offered a design consultation package and check-in meetings to assist with her planning process.

We met about 4 or 5 times over the year and worked hard at her amazing wedding vision. We had mock up meetings, we talked about all the planning items, I met with her maid of honor & calligrapher extraordinaire. I knew her day would amount to something amazing!!

That year my dog Jazmine had fallen ill and I was caring for her. Jazmine was my entire world and everything I had known for the last 12 years. During the last week of Jazmine’s life we spent it exploring, adventuring and doing all the things that she loved the most. Even though she couldn’t walk well we would carry her so she could be with us, experiencing it all, just as she loved to do.

During that last week we spoke with doctors, family members and friends about what was going on with Jazmine. Everyone we spoke to would, in some form or fashion, mention that Jazmine was going to be a butterfly in her next life and that she was going to fly free. Some friends would send me text messages with their sympathies, and then follow it with the emoji butterfly. It was majestic the way that all these people, not knowing each other, kept connecting Jazmine to a butterfly.

Jazmine passed in July and from that day since I have been surrounded by butterflies in all kinds of ways. During the summer and fall I would see a butterfly every. single. day.

Being a wedding planner in New England, summer and fall are my busiest months. Jazmine’s passing in July was really hard for me. Losing my little love and doing everything I could to be strong for my clients during their most important day. It was really hard but, I was graced with such amazing clients that I was able to do it.

When I told Casey about Jazmine’s passing she cried with me. Casey’s heart felt what I felt and I was so unbelievably moved and grateful for who she was. Her heart was bigger than I had even known.

Casey’s wedding weekend came and I would have loved to be there but I couldn’t. I followed along in my vendor friend’s Instagram stories to remain up to date. They were generous enough to keep me tagged in photos throughout the day so I felt like I was there.

There was one particular IG story that brought tears to my eyes. I was watching my friend’s; New England Creative and Evergreen Weddings Instagram stories and I saw that a little butterfly had landed on Casey’s bouquet and stayed with her bouquet the entire wedding.

My heart sincerely exploded.

You may want to ask what I thought it was; was that Jazmine, her energy, Casey’s love, the Universe, God? I don’t have an exact answer but I know what I felt in my heart. What I felt brought tears to my eyes and I knew Casey, Kevin and their wedding day would be held in a space of magic. I will never forget this wedding, this day and that experience for as long as I live. 🙂

Click here to see more photos from Casey & Kevin’s Wedding Day!

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