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The old black iron fence mixed with blush and bright colors for your wedding day! - Pearl Weddings & Events

The magic of weddings transpires in all shapes and sizes, with different traditions and desires. Each wedding is a representation of the couple. The two unique individuals that come together to unite as One.  

Blush colors with pops of bright orange and deep reds. This elopement was at Yale University campus in CT! - Pearl Weddings & Events

For this elopement styled shoot we wanted to express a beautiful story of two individuals that profess their love for one another during and intimate elopement, at Yale Universities’ majestic New England campus.

The beautiful Harkness Tower at Yale University Campus decorated for an elopement! - Pearl Weddings & Events

There is a timelessness and elegance that speaks within the grounds of this campus. The architecture itself has so many stories and has seen so many faces, seasons and changes. We thought, why not relish in that long-lasting feeling that is stored within the grounds where these amazing buildings stand?  

Yale University Campus - Pearl Weddings & Events

Yale University Campus - Pearl Weddings & Events

Yale University Campus - Pearl Weddings & Events

Yale University Campus - Pearl Weddings & Events

The inspiration behind the shoot is this beautiful, prestigious school, Yale University. After students graduate, they are ready to take their new burning knowledge out into the world but, how could you think to do it without your college sweetheart? So, we created an intimate elopement between the buildings in which college kids first meet. These buildings tell century old stories of love, enlightenment and beauty. These students took these stories as a foundation, and now added their own.

 Not to mention, the incredible autumn season was in full swing in New England, and there is no better time for gathering, sharing and togetherness. It is beyond romantic! 


Cake Lore Co. brightly colored macaron tiered cake! - Planner & Designer | Pearl Weddings & Events

Oh yeah, and this cake! This cake stole the show. I have never seen anything so beautiful before in my life!

Quick back story on this – So, I contacted the wonderful Samantha from Cake Lore Co. and asked if she could do something really cool with macarons. 

I was thoroughly impressed that Samantha was going way above and beyond in her creation. When this beauty showed up to the shoot I was blown away. Each flower was made by hand to add the perfect amount of delicate beauty. 

Samantha found inspiration for this macaron cake from the incredible, Winifred Kristé.

Head over to our Editorial Gallery for more photos of this style shoot! 

Cake Lore Co. beautiful hand made flowers for the macaron tower cake! - Planner & Design | Pearl Weddings & Events

Daper groom all ready to meet his bride in his grey two piece suit and pink paisely tie- Pearl Weddings & Events

Brides intricate back strap dress with delicate lace - Pearl Weddings & Events

Sweet snuggles on Yale University Campus - Pearl Weddings & Events

Vintage family heirloom wedding ring with ruby and diamonds - Pearl Weddings & Events

Walking behind the bride and groom after their ceremony! - Pearl Weddings & Events

VENDORS || Photographer | Shaina Lee Photography || Venue | Yale University || Flowers | Fizz and Fleurs || Hair & Make Up | Belle Noelle Beauty || Planner & Design | Pearl Weddings & Events || Furniture | Gather and Lounge || Cake | Cake Loreo Co. || Art Installation | Studio Strata || Models | Alysia & Andrew || Dress | Gypsy Bride ||