When Do You Need To Know How Many People You Are Having To Your Wedding? – A Guide To Planning A Outdoor New England Tented Wedding

 So really, When Do You Need To Know How Many People You Are Having To Your Wedding? This is a great question.

There are a few ways to answer it!

First, creating your guest list…

You want to create your guest list as soon as you decide you are having a wedding. The guest list dictates a lot about your wedding planning process. Most importantly it will dictate what size venue you need to accommodate your guests. Doing your guest list right in the beginning will help you understand exactly what style of wedding you want to have!

I am sure you are wondering… What does she mean by “style” of wedding?

Well, you could elope in Italy! Maybe you want a big wedding and you want everyone that has been a part of your life there to support and witness it. So, you might have a list that is becoming more than 200 people. Maybe you are like, “I just want something intimate and small”. Or you want to go back to where you first met each other and it happens to be plan flights away so you have a destination wedding!

Whatever style of wedding suits your fancy, no one is right or wrong, you choose what resonates best with what you want to feel and experience on your wedding day. Your wedding style is influenced by your guest list.

Another note on guest list timing…

You want to have your guest list, that includes full names and addresses, put together prior to ordering your invites! I know this might seem obvious but, the guest list information is tedious and sometimes taunting. If you wait to the last minute to update this information then your stationery order will not be as fun as you may have hoped.

Last note…

Your caterer, rental company, bartenders, rehearsal dinner venue and wedding planner need your final guest count 2 – 4 weeks prior to your event. Each vendor will have different needs and expectations but keep in mind around 4 weeks someone is going to start asking for your final guest count.

Most of these vendors need to put your order in, reserve what they need to, or prepare a suitable staff for your day. Make sure you are updating your list and making outreaches to those who have not responded.

That is my few wedding tips about When You Need To Know How Many People You Are Having To Your Wedding! I hope it was helpful and happy planning friends!


Chelsea Suddes - Owner, Planner & Design of Pearl Weddings & Events