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November 19, 2018

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Pete and Laura's Mystic, CT wedding. First look at Rocky Neck State Park. - Pearl Weddings & Events

I have been holding off on blogging about this wedding because every time I think about this day my heart melts, my eyes fill with tears and I am beyond moved. I know those feelings are beautiful but, they make it hard to concentrate and write a blog!

So here it goes… Pete & Laura’s love is so real that I feel like all the words I come up with will never sum up the actual feelings I had about their wedding day. If I were to try; beautiful, love, authentic, kind, sweet, intimate, creative, fun & magical would be the best fitting. I truly believe that your wedding is a representation of you as a couple and those words are the epitome of how I feel about Pete & Laura.

Pete and Laura's wedding in Mystic, CT. Artsy Boho Vibe with flower crowns, pastels and pops of deep red colors! - Pearl Weddings & Events

So quick back story…

My husband, Mike, has been best friends with Pete since grade school. When I met Mike, Pete was there. They were inseparable, like brothers. Pete fell in love with the most beautiful human being, Laura. The moment I met her I loved her. I felt like there was no better companion out there for Pete.

Pearl Weddings & Events

Pearl Weddings & Events

When Pete proposed to Laura my husband and I were pumped!

Then without expecting it Pete & Laura asked me to plan their wedding, and for my husband to write and perform their first dance song. What what WHAT?!

We both were honored, thrilled and nervous at the same time. They called on us to arrive in our passions for one of the most important days in their lives. Now those are some good, trusting friends!

We wanted them to experience perfection so we gave them all we had to give. They trusted us with some pretty big tasks. So, my husband and I went 110% for these two.

Needless to say the day was AMAZING. It was amazing because of who Pete & Laura are. They surround themselves with love, they share their love and so all you experience when you are around them is LOVE.

Even though it was on and off rain all day, I felt like it could not have been more perfect.

Here is a cool story about the RAIN…

The first dance song my husband wrote for them 6 months before their wedding, well, he called it “Raining”. He had NO IDEA it was actually going to rain.

The lyrics of the song are all about cleansing yourself with the beauty of rain to live your life together as your true self, in love. The rain in the song was very symbolic. Mind you, the day of the wedding Laura & Pete had never heard the song before. My husband gets up to play their first dance song and as I mentioned, the rain was on and off all day, so when they started to dance there was not a sing drop of rain in the sky.

As my husband leads up to the chorus… it starts to DOWN POUR! He dives into the chorus singing “Raining, Oh, it’s raining and you’re rearranging with me”. Ugh, OK I am crying now… It gave everyone in the room chills. It was incredible. The entire Universe was speaking directly to their love in every way possible.

My husband playing their song.

My husband playing their song.

Just having a normal first dance…

Just having a normal first dance…

And then is starts to POUR.

And then is starts to POUR.

Pearl Weddings & Events

It started raining during the song "Raining" written by Mike Suddes. - Pearl Weddings & Events

Pearl Weddings & Events

Congrats to this sweet couple and for having one of the most amazing rainy weddings yet! To see more beautiful photos from this day, head over to my gallery and visit Laura & Pete’s wedding!

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  1. Kate says:

    Such sweet photos!!

  2. I just love how they embraced the rain! Such a cute couple!

  3. Laura Hurlbirt-Brault says:

    Chelsea! I love this! Pete and I are so grateful for you and Mike. So glad to have our as part of our family and for all the amazing love you gave us to make our wedding day special. I still tear up when I think of Mike singing and the rain coming down. That was the universe wrapping us up in love on our special day! Love and hugs! – Laura –

  4. Rebecca says:

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