Is Pinterest the best place for wedding planning & design inspiration? – A guide to planning an outdoor New England tented wedding

Other wedding planners may feel completely different from me, but I believe Pinterest is a wonderful inspirational source! As long as you remember that it is only inspiration and it is not something you want to try and recreate.

We have seen the classic “Pinterest fails”, right?! If you have not, please do yourself a favor and go check them out.

They are hilarious!! LOL


So, “Pinterest fails” were given that name for a reason. Most of the time they are fails because someone is trying to recreate exactly what they see. That is a very difficult thing to do. And why try to recreate a moment from the past? Why try to recreate something that has already happened?

Be in the present moment and create with whatever you have now – this is a good one to remember on your wedding day.

Be present, be in the moment and allow the creativity to flow from the inspiration of others!

All in all, Pinterest is a wonderful place to get inspiration! Use Pinterest as a way to ignite your imagination.

I always tell my couples to “Pin” away! Pinterest now allows you to organize your pins to help keep track of your ideas. With this new tool you can create separate boards like; wedding dress, invitations, bouquet, photos, table scapes, décor, etc. This will help keep you stream lined and organized during your inspiration process.

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