How To Plan A Wedding Sparkler Exit – A Guide To Planning A Outdoor New England Tented Wedding

Do you love sparkler exits as much as I do?! They can be more than just an amazing photo for the album. They can really play into the entire experience of the night! How do you do it? Well, you must plan for it and I am going to share 5 easy steps on how to plan your sparkler exit.

  1. Buy enough sparklers for every guest to have one. You do not want to short change yourself because every guest is going to want to participate when you learn these amazing steps on how to have an impactful sparkler exit! Click Link for wedding sparklers to purchase!

  2. Make sure your sparkler exit is on your wedding day timeline! You need all your vendors to know exactly when this is going to take place. Each vendor will help bring this idea to life.

  3. Have your wedding planner, day of coordinator, DJ/Band or friend/family make 2 parallel lines of votive candles on the ground. These lines dictated the aisle in which you will be running down. Have your selected coordinator light the candles prior to guests making their way over to where this event will take place. This shows your guests exactly where to go. And if it is dark out, they will have a clearly lite path of where to go. 🙂 Click Link for my Go-To Amazon votive purchase!

  4. Have your selected coordinator make an announcement for your sparkler exit! You want your guests to know where they are supposed to go. Make it easy for them and they will do whatever you request of them!

  5. The Photographer will set up in position – standing at the end of the aisle. Your DJ and coordinator will tell the guests to light their sparklers with the already lite candles on the ground (see how easy?), the DJ will put on the best last song and you two will run down the aisle of sparklers however feels best for you!!!

After the exit you two are off to your honeymoon to celebrate your love, commitment and newest life adventure! Enjoy your sparkler exit and do not be afraid to get creative with how you do it! Just make sure everyone knows what is going on and it will be a lot of fun.

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Much Love, Chelsea!