The Art of Faith & Collaborating

The below article was featured on The Perpetual You blog

A collaboration starts from one vision, idea, concept or dream. Watching a vision come to life by bringing passionate, creative and inspiring people together can access one of the most incredible feelings. The feeling of inspiration.

In February, I helped plan a collaborative styled shoot for The Perpetual You magazine. It was my first styled shoot, ever. From this experience, I acknowledged two very important state of mind practices that I believe are helpful when planning any type of collaboration; to stay open minded and to release control to faith.

Staying open minded.

I believe this is incredibly important in all collaborative situations. When joining a collaboration, you are being asked and you are asking others to bring creativity to the table. Creativity can only be present when there is unlimited space to create. Space is accessed by your choice of being opened minded and not trying to control every aspect and detail of the collaboration. Releasing control takes down the walls that can restrict you of space.

Releasing control to faith.

Releasing control to faith I believe can be especially difficult. Faith is controlled by the universe and you have no say in how it looks, acts, sounds or smells. It just is. The reason I believe this can be difficult is because a collaboration starts from a vision. When you have a vision in mind you can put restrictions around how it looks, acts, sounds or smells. If you pay more attention to how your vision feels you will allow yourself to step back and let faith take control, while you stay with your feeling. I believe you will find that the feeling of your vision follows through to completion, no matter how it looks, acts, sounds or smells. This is another way in which creativity can find space.

A styled shoot is one of the most creative and inspiring ventures. Now that I am planning wedding styled shoots for my company, I find that staying with these two ideas allows each moment to move with ease and the possibilities are endless. If you ever get the opportunity to collaborate, I highly recommend it. You can learn so much from those around you.

Photos taken on The perpetual you’s styled shoot by Amanda Luisa Photography