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The day has come. You are joining your two worlds together and you will continue to build your life into eternity. On this special day, I would like to offer a simple mantra:

Be Present. Have Fun. Get Married!

1.     Be Present.

Friends, family, co-workers and vendors will join you in your sacred ceremony and celebration. They will all be there on your Wedding day because you are getting married. However, someone may not be in a magical mood like you are. This is OK. This does not mean they do not love you. Remember to stay focused on yourself and stay in the present moment. Remember that someone else’s day has nothing to do with you and your day. Stay with your own feelings and be present to yourself.

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2.     Have Fun.

The day of your Wedding can seem hectic. You have been planning this one day for months! So yes, there are a lot of pieces coming together. Trust me, I have been there. First, I would highly recommend hiring a Month-of-Coordinator. They will help you get all your final pieces together and they will be there to manage your entire Wedding day. Whether you have a Coordinator, or not, remember to enjoy yourself! You only get married once in your life. It is a moment of beauty, Love and commitment. You do not want to miss out on a great moment because you are too busy thinking about, whether the color on the place cards perfectly match your invitations. At some point, you must let go, have fun and embrace each moment of the day.

3.     Get Married!

If you feel stressed, upset or bothered at any point of your day, think of the person you are marrying. Think of every silly moment shared with your partner. Think of how sweet you feel when you are in their arms. Remember the first moment you locked eyes, knowing in that moment that you were going to be with them forever. Allow your memory, to be the most beautiful gift you were given. Allow it to wander into places where you have kept all your smiles, warmth, sunshine and happiness. Your memory is a gift to you. If you use it in a beautiful way, it will surprise you. You are getting married!

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Happy engagement, my friends! Enjoy your Wedding day!

Be Present. Have Fun. Get Married!